Scenic Paints Internship, Seattle Rep

Art… Creating art has always come naturally. There are no other artists in my family, yet at an early age I would sit down and draw pictures for hours. I found that drawing or painting was an escape. During the process I am fully absorbed by my own imagination. Time can pass, and everything else just stands still.

While earning my Associates Degree, I advanced at rendering still life compositions then eventually life drawing. I think I even surprised myself, the first time I drew a mirror image of what I saw in front of me. Meanwhile my family wondered, how is this going to help you make a living?

Since then I have recognized that there does not have to be a tangible goal, in order to create. I create because it is empowering and makes life more full. I have dabbled in many different media over the years, from the traditional to the high tech. The challenge of learning a new process is always alluring.

On this site the sketches and drawings are primarily from my days of studying Illustration. During school I had life drawing classes for about six hours every week, over a span of two years. It quickly became one of my favorite subjects. Since then sketching has become a valuable tool that plays a role in every new project. When an idea breaks, I will rough it out with a sketch. Page layouts, web pages, logos and any form of design communication begins this way.

In fine art I am most passionate about two themes; nature and humanity.